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About Us
Galapitarocks is an eco-retreat deep inside a wild and rustic corner of southeastern Sri Lanka. It is an ode to nature, surrounded by history, magic, legend and treasure. Straddling a rock sculpted by the sacred river of gems, Galapitarocks unites an extraordinary location with organic architecture, Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. It is also a gateway to the popular attractions of Yala and Kataragama as well as an array of lesser known secrets this wonderful part of the country holds.
The Land

The moment you enter the galapitarocks garden through the rustic door you are filled with a sense of return to nature.  At the core of the garden is Rathri Weva where Eagles come to fish and Peacocks come to nest at night.



 If you cross the Ridge, stepping over a rock pool sculptured by the rhythm of the gem river since the dawn of time you enter the river island.  Around the contours of the rock pool are four sleeping pavilions and The Crystal Lounge.  Where nutritious meals are made with fresh ingredients on wood fires and served on banana leaves.



This vibrant forest is home to exotic birds and rare “flying squirrels” that play in the forest canopy from dusk to dawn.

Garden Safari




You need not travel too far to encounter wild life at Galapita. Take a walk along the winding paths, encountering dozens of bird spices and flying squrrles, ideally at dawn or dusk.



Manik Ganga with its cascading pools itself is your Hydrotherapy spa.  The rock pool under the bridge teeming with fish is your swimming pool. YourJacuzzis is under the waterfall.  Below the pool are calm tree shaded bathing pools and the beach.


At Galapita sustainability is a priority.  Our staff will be glad to show you ecologically friendly methods of artisanal panning river sand for gem rocks.  If you get lucky any gems you find are yours to keep.  Manik Ganga is a well known source of Royal Blue Sapphires.



Depending on the season and the mood of the river, your tube ride down the river could be a gentle one or a hardcore adventure.  Each twist and turn in the river will bring you to and even more spectacular site that the last.



A moonlit night! Drifting in a boat while a cool breeze sweeping across the lake!  The moon and the stars reflected on Rathri Weva( night lake)…Enough said!






At the award winning “Galapita healing garden aruveda spa” the world’s most complete system of natural healing is combined together with gem therapy to bring balance to your chakras. Aromatic herbs and spices used in inhalations and other therapies are harvested daily from our gardens and surrounding forests.  Themineral spa located on the banks on the river of gems provides the ultimate in indulgence.  Our treatments include natural cleansing steams, facials, body scrubs and relaxing massages Galapita style






The Yoga shala at the healing garden is built on a rock embedded with seven natural lotus ponds. We provide abasic yoga and meditation experience for beginners at our daily scheduled sessions.  If you are serious about your yoga one can visit Galapita during one of our scheduled retreats with world class yoga practitioners.

Night Safari


If you wish to see large animals, we recommend you drive at night around the borders of Yala accompanied by our trackers.  You may encounter the big four leopard, elephant, bear and crocodiles.


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Spa and Yoga


Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest and the most complete system of natural healing, originally found in the sacred writings of Hinduism, the Vedas written over 5000 years ago. Throughout history, people of different cultures have associated minerals, crystals and metals with physical, mental and emotional healing powers. A chakra is believed to be an energy centre, and at Galapita we use gems of the appropriate colour, and ayurveda, for the treatment of chakras, to get rid of various ailments or as a preventive measure.

At galapita rare herbs are grown in nurseries and planted in protected pockets of the forest, and harvested as and when required, while enriching the biodiversity around us. All medicinal herbs are lovingly hand blended according to ancient recipes, recorded on Ola manuscripts, and passed down through generations.
Galapita Healing Garden Mineral Spa provides the ultimate in indulgence by gracious staff in a beautiful setting.

Nine therapies for your body


4.Patrakhizhi (PPS)
5.Mineral Body Scrub
6.Kati Basti
7.Chakra Basti
8.Greeva Basti
9.Janu Basti



Please check with the Management for scheduled yoga retreats at galapita.

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